Sunday, March 13, 2011


I'm sitting home alone with my thoughts. Wondering what the hell happened...

I mean, how can everything seem so right, and then literally, twelve hours later you're told that you aren't compatible?

How can you spend hours and hours talking, sharing, anticipating....and it not be compatible? How can you tell me that you can't wait to see me, and that you can't wait to see where this is going....and tell me how excited you are to get there....and then. Then, it's over. Over night. You decide you don't want a submissive, but a slave.

I've gone over it again and again, trying to figure out where it went wrong. You told me you can't change who you are, and would never expect anyone to change for you. But how could you change so drastically from the beginning to the end?

Honesty and respect were monumental to you. But at what point did you think that telling me via email that you wanted a slave, not a submissive, without actually saying it was over, was honest or respectful??

Whatever. The silver lining? Better now than later.

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